• March 22, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

On Mother’s Day: 6000 Egyptian Mothers Demand Halt to Military Trials, Stay of Executions

On Mother’s Day: 6000 Egyptian Mothers Demand Halt to Military Trials, Stay of Executions

 On a day when the sun of justice disappeared behind the darkness of inhumanity that also stole the light of freedom and quashed the hopes of young people, I stood waiting for a word that comes from rough stiff lips thirsty for the blood of our young sons and daughters, our loved ones, to seal the fate of my son who has been held hostage in the oppressors’ filthy dungeons for long months for no crime whatsoever.

Sentenced to death… was the phrase that shattered the silence, broke my heart, signaled the end of the 23 years of life that my young son lived.

No judicial system – No justice – No Mercy

This scene happened in minutes inside the military court in Alexandria where many Egyptian mothers heard their loved ones sentenced to death in a fabricated case, after all the security apparatuses failed (as usual) to apprehend the perpetrator of one of the dubious crimes mysteriously repeated in our homeland since the junta grabbed power and put an end to the rule of law, since the Constitution was put on hold, and since all justice was abolished in Egypt.

This scene was repeated again in another military court – military case number "174 South Cairo" where six young people were dragged before a military judge who had not a single atom of mercy in his heart, and who handed out death sentences like he was handing out candy.

Sadly, this scene was also repeated with more than 6,000 truly guiltless Egyptian youths tried before military courts which dealt out clearly severe sentences against civilians, without due process, defense rights, fair trial procedures, or any guarantees of justice in accordance with the minimum rules of fair trial and justice in the world.

So, thousands of mothers stood waiting for the fate of their children determined by officers obeying their commanders’ orders to execute all without evidence or real trial, just because they said no to military rule.