On the 5th Anniversary of Military Coup, Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Unity To Defeat Tyranny, Restore Democracy

On the 5th Anniversary of Military Coup, Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Unity To Defeat Tyranny, Restore Democracy

Five years have passed since the brutal military coup, whose orchestrated farce began its staging on this 30th day of June 2013, as the destiny of Egypt took an ominous turn  away from the path of the glorious revolution of January 25, democracy, progress, pride and renewal. Egypt’s destiny turned, through the tyranny of the military dictatorship, into setback, repression, brutality, coercion and humiliation.

The Egyptian people have been subjected to a major conspiracy and deception by a gang of generals, the deep corrupt state and the remnants of deposed President Hosni Mubarak, supported by regional forces, that have aimed at the liquidation of the January 25 revolution and all its gains.

Some of those who were deceived have imagined hopes of mirage in this criminal military coup, thinking that it is in the interest of the country and the people. However, today, the deception of the plot has become clear to them and they realized their own shortsightedness, and their wrong calculations. They can see now for themselves the disastrous consequences of the military coup for Egypt, such as compromising the country’s territory, betraying the people’s trust, humiliating and impoverishing the Egyptian people, displacing the Sinai residents and demolishing their homes and towns, bloodshed, forcible disappearances, massive arbitrary detentions, rape, and torture.

However, the path of the revolution is still vivid, and its field is still open for everyone who seeks the good for Egypt and its people. We Egyptians still have the opportunity to unite and meet around the common goals that unite us, renounce all differences that undermine our efforts to get rid of the traitor and his gang.

More active revolutionary and peaceful movement and more giving and struggle is required to save Egypt from that tyrannic platoon that has no sympathy or mercy for the homeland or for the people. Come back to your revolution again, restore its impetus, and correct its path until Egypt returns as it was: free, independent and safe. 
Free Egypt!

Hassan Saleh
Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo, Egypt