One hell of feast for the MB bloggers

One hell of feast for the MB bloggers

First of all Happy Eid regardless what

Second It had started yesterday when several Bloggers and readers reported that several blogs on a specific server were blocked in Egypt and that you need a proxy in order to visit them. The common factor between these blogs is that they are all for the MB members including the blog of Khairat El-ShatterThe MB business man and leader in jail currently “ which is owned by his daughter “The MS -Muslim sisterhood branch of the group is very active on the Internet through blogging”

It did not stop here the escalation continued when today the Police had clashes with members of MB in El-Salahiah about the place of the Eid prayers ,it seemed that the MB members wanted to pray in the public place,with my all respect to the security measures but today is the Eid ,I do not know what the harm is if they let them pray !!! The clashes seemed to be more violent as the police stopped the pray using force !!

The day is not finished yet

A MB blogger called Abd El-Rahman Faras from Fayoum was arrested today , Abd El-Rahman is an active blogger from visiting his Arabic blog “My tongue is my pen” you can know why , already Faras was working on covering the torture cases in Fayoum , there was  an incident there ,also his coverage for the MB arrests yet I believe the real case of his arrest was  a particular post he published from 10 days ago that made the State Security arrest him today , Faras wrote a post under the title “We will watch them as they watch us” where he had written personal details about the officers of the State security in Fayoum , writing their full names , home addresses , their cars types and even personal details about them , it is a huge provocation and if you want one way ticket to hell this is your chance , it is too dangerous to enter that Zone ,seriously look to the results now he is arrest. I understand very well why he had done such thing but this can not jeopardize himself to danger but also his family especially he did not hide his identity !! I

again the day is not over yet

Another possible victim from torture in Police Stations also in Gharbia. Daily El-Masry El-Youm reported that there was a citizen who died hours after being arrested in Samanod ,his family accused the police for killing him , as Khaled Mohamed Afify “33 years old ” was arrested with other suspects after the breakfast from two days ago and after couple of hours he was transferred to the general as a dead body in “Tuk Tuk ” ,the official cause of death was a heart attack !! The Family accuses the police and demands full autopsy ,already the D.A acted quickly and assigned the Forensics to examine the body ,I expect the results to be announced after the Eid

I do not know why I remember suddenly “How the Grinch stole Christmas ??!!”