• November 21, 2013
  • 7 minutes read

One Hundred Days of Murderous Military-Coup Massacres

One Hundred Days of Murderous Military-Coup Massacres

One hundred days of blood and body parts filling every corner of the country…

One hundred days of moans in grief of the bereaved.

One hundred days of weeping of the orphans.

One hundred days of screams of the anguished.

One hundred days of torture of the families of the missing.

One hundred days of prayers of the oppressed that cleave the heavens.

One hundred days and the country’s wounds still bleed, and the martyrs’ blood nourishes its soil.

One hundred days and El-Sisi’s militias still spread destruction all over the land.

During this week is the commemoration of 100 days since the epic of steadfastness at Rabaa and Nahda, while the caravan of the Revolution continues on its path, increasing and not decreasing, forging forward – against oppression, repression and bloodshed.

Before the clearing of the sit-ins, we said: "If Rabaa is violently stormed, all public squares of Egypt shall become Rabaa". And so they have. In every street and square, in every city and village, is a lesson in steadfastness, given by the free and proud people of Egypt, immortalizing the memories of Rabaa and Al-Nahda while continuing the course of the Revolution.

"Rabaa" has become a symbol of freedom, dignity, steadfastness and pride, chasing the trumpeters of the coup around the capitals of the world, in educational and sports gatherings, affirming that they have spilled the blood but could not silence the voice. "Rabaa" has become a source of inspiration for all free people of the world.

For 11 hours, El-Sisi’s militias attacked the defenseless free people with live, exploding bullets, internationally banned gas, snipers, bulldozers, armored vehicles and helicopters. More than 5,000 men and women were killed, and more than 10,000 were wounded or arrested and detained, in a legendary epic not seen before in Egyptian modern history.

We in the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance give our word to God, before the free and proud Egyptian people bearing witness, that this blood will not be in vain, that it is better for us to die than to lay to waste a single drop of this precious blood that illuminated the path of freedom and defined the path of the Revolution, and that justice for every martyr killed in the struggle since January 25, 2011 is a demand from which we will not ignore.

As for the coup of blood and repression, it has drawn for itself a roadmap using the blood of Egyptians. And whenever it is unable to pass a law, it sheds more blood. Just recently it committed a new massacre inside the Al-Azhar University campus, thinking it can silence the voice of the Revolution before passing the constitution of blood and disgrace.

We in the Alliance call upon all the Egyptian people and the free people of the world to commemorate the passing of one hundred days since the epic of steadfastness, through

⁃       the coming week’s activities under the banner "Massacre of the Century",

⁃       the million-man march on Sunday, November 24th, under the banner "We Are All Rabaa",

⁃       by demonstrating in all squares and in front of all Egyptian embassies around the world, raising the photos of the martyrs and the symbol of Rabaa, and

⁃       by honoring the mothers of the martyrs who have become mothers to all Egyptians and a source of inspiration for the meanings of steadfastness, sacrifice and giving.

The revolution continues…

God is Great

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo, November 21, 2013