Opposition Forces Remain Sceptical after Meeting with VP Suleiman

Opposition Forces Remain Sceptical after Meeting with VP Suleiman

Following an unprecedented effort at dialogue with Egypt’s newly appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman, opposition groups claim government proposals on how to end the political crisis are not enough.

The Muslim Brotherhood along with other groups took part in the landmark talks with the government following 13 days of unrest and street protests aimed at forcing President Hosni Mubarak, in power for 3 decades, to resign.

The government has proposed a review body to amend the constitution. However, according to the opposition the discussions are only a preliminary step and the government’s offer is insufficient.

President Mubarak has lamely refused to resign immediately, claiming that it would end in inevitable chaos alleging, however, that he will not stand for re-election in September.
Protestors have made it clear they have no intentions of compromising and insist that President Mubarak step down immediately, in addition to insisting that parliament be dissolved, stressing that parliament is the by-product of an election marred by fraud which did not reflect the people’s will..

Letting go of the characteristic apathy, Egyptians have gained in confidence believing that the street protests have paid off so far.

The few politicians who came out of the meeting with Suleiman note that they are yet to be convinced that the regime is sincere in carrying out genuine political reforms.
Six groups were represented at the talks hosted by Suleiman, including representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood, a coalition of youth organisations, and a group of "wise men” maybe indicating a new era of open discussion, giving hope that maybe Egypt has changed, and will never be the same again.

According to the MB, however, the talks will only continue if the government makes progress on meeting the opposition’s demands, mainly:

The immediate resignation of President Mubarak

Lifting emergency laws

Dissolving parliament

Releasing all political prisoners

Dr. Essam El Erian media spokesman for the group has stated that the regime did not respond to most of our demands and only responded to some of the demands in what can be described as a superficial response.

Other opposition members present also remain sceptical of the government’s moves.
Nevertheless, it appears there is no let-up in the magnitude of the protests in Tahrir Square, and the people after
abandoning their apathy will not give up easily.

Only time will tell.