Opposition Muslim Brotherhood and Independents in the People’s Assembly

Opposition Muslim Brotherhood and Independents in the People’s Assembly

The People’s Assembly, head by Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour, will witness the first parliamentary confrontation between opposition MPs and the government with 128 questions loaded with serious accusations to Dr. Ahmed Nazif, Prime Minister and his cabinet.



The Prime Minister and Ministers of State for Administrative Development, Education, Higher Education and Local Development and Planning will face 8 questions by MP’s Ahmed Abu Baraka, Azab Mostafa, Abbas Abdel Aziz, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Ali Laban, Bahaa El den, Sayed Attia, Gamal Zahran and Mohamed Abdel-Alum Dawoud, accusing  the government as primarily responsible for the collapse of Egypt’s education system, sharp retreat of educational institutions and also the increase in educational expenses.


The Prime Minister and Ministers of Social Solidarity, Higher Education, Health and Local Development  will also face four questions expected to be made by deputies Farid Ismail, Bahaa al-Deen, Sayed Attia, Mohamed Abdel-Alum Dawoud and Ahmad Abu Baraka. The MP’s allege that the government is principally accountable for the spread of several diseases, the collapse of public health services in hospitals and universities in addition to being responsible for denying some citizens from social health insurance.



Akram Al-Shaer
Interrogations involving charges to the Prime Minister and Ministers of Oil, Environment, Housing, Health, Local Development and Water Resources will be submitted by deputies Kamal Ahmed, Jamal Qourny, Saad Abboud, Akram Al-Shaer, Tariq Qutb, Sabri Khalaf Allah and Ibrahim Abu Ouf accusing the government for being directly responsible for the environmental pollution from factories, and the Nile water pollution caused by industrial pollution.



The Prime Minister and Ministers of Interior, Housing, economic development, Social Solidarity and Justice and Health face 6 MPs’ questions in which the government are to be blamed for failing to combat the growing threat of drug addiction, curbing the spread of slums, solving the phenomenon of street children, increased poverty, inflation and high prices and also the inability to relieve the suffering of their people.


Ministers of labor and investment are scheduled to face two questions which will be submitted by MPs Gamal Zahran and Mustafa Bakri in which they will accuse the government of wasting public money concerning the Omar Effendi deal where the main investor withdrew in the last stage of bidding for reasons regarding terms of the Conditions of Contract which led to the layoffs.



The Minister of Investment will also face three other queries where he is accused of wasting public money in the Abu Tartur Phosphate and Al Maghara Coal projects. The Minister of Investment together with the Ministers of Finance and Agriculture and Irrigation will  also face two questions submitted by MPs Al-Rifai Hamada and Gamal Zahran charging the government for failing to protect Egypt’s Sinai border with Israel and its failure in the reconstruction of Sinai despite the passing of 36 years on its liberation.



Yahya Al-Missiri



Prime Minister and Ministers of Finance, Health and Local Development will encounter 7 interrogations by MP’s Yahya Al-Missiri, Abdul-Aziz Khalaf, Majdi Ashour, Azab Mostafa and Gamal Qourny accusing the government of wasting public money with regard to transport and communication sectors, particularly the difficult railway sector which lead to a net increase in road casualties and rail accidents.



MP’s Mohsen Radi and Abbas Abdul Aziz shall submit two written questions to the Minister of International Cooperation accusing her of wasting billion of loans and grants in which Egypt has not benefitted from.



Prime Minister and Ministers of Justice and Interior will encounter four questions submitted by MP’s Sayyed Asker, Mustafa Al-Gendy, Ahmed Abu Baraka and Mohamed Abdel-Alim Dawood laying blame on the government for failing to implement judicial decisions and provisions of the Council of State and the Supreme Constitutional Court on judgments in favor of “Al-Shaab” newspaper, and the substitute teachers in Al Azhar Institutes Sector. This poses a grave threat to the legitimacy of the constitution and a breach of article 72 of the Egyptian Constitution.



The People’s Assembly hearing will also discuss several issues which shall be submitted in  writing with questions by the legislators on the government’s support to the so-called “land mafia”, its disregard for the fight against corruption and sharp decline of integrity and transparency of all state institutions. It also includes charges holding the government as responsible for an acquisition of a few bank customers with more than 30 % of the bank’s credit, the government’s waste of public money to build Ramses Garage, the collapse of some projects in which it has spent billions of Egyptian pounds and its responsibility for the existence of Israelis in Egypt and vice versa where they are given Israeli citizenship.



The government has turned a blind eye on the financial and administrative’s serious irregularities which took place at Nile University and its responsibility in the trading in free of charge Hajj visas. The government will be held accountable for breach of constitution organizing medical aid convoys for purposes primarily aimed to serve the ruling NDP MP in order to waste public money for their personal affairs. These requests addressed to the Government will discuss the government’s violating of the law and Constitution, which prohibits the ministries to carry out business with members of the People’s Assembly. Ignoring the law, the Ministry of Health dealt with medical products of a company belonging to MP Hani Sorour, the owner of Haidylena. The government also indulged in the buying and selling, allocating of lands and traded with deputies without considering the provisions of Article 95 of the Constitution, which prohibits such actions.



Saad al-Husseini

This comes at a time when the government shall be questioned by MP Saad Al-Husseini accusing Mohamed Ibrahim Suleiman, former Housing Minister and current chairman of a government-owned maritime services company where he has illegally granted many members of the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council state lands with cheap prices despite the actual value estimating at 59 billion pounds: this is also in violation of the Constitution and the law.


 The People’s Assembly has scheduled a date to discuss 18 requests signed by 360-member of Egypt’s House of Representatives led by Ahmed Al-Khawlany, Yousri Bayoumi, Al-Muhammadi Sayyed Ahmed, Saber Abu al-Fotouh, Hamdi Zahran and Ahmed Abu-Akrab urging for the government’s commitment to transparency and credibility on wasting insurance and pension funds, which is estimated at more than 270 billion pounds. It is extremely necessary to clarify the government’s position on the prevalence of drug abuse among school children, university students, and youths of various social circles in Egypt along with the spread of the phenomenon of customary marriages between young men and women and young people’s migration to the Israeli occupation authority (IOA).