Opposition Powers Support Judges

Abdel Halem Kandel, the spokesman of the Egyptian Movement for Change, Kefiya, uncovered an agreement between the movement and the National Front for Change, includes opposition parties and the Muslim Brotherhood, to join judges in their future sit-ins.
In statements to al-Mesryoon, Kandel denied any differences inside the movement over a call to turn the movement into a liberal party. While some voices press for this proposal, the majority prefer Kefiya to remain a movement in order to maintain its popular weight. Kandel stressed that turning into a party will enfeeble the movement to be like all ineffective parties.  
At the present time, Kefiya tries to promote the peaceful furor of the civil society in support of the Judges’ Union against the amendments introduced by the pro-government Higher Judiciary Council to the union-sanctioned bill of judiciary power.
Kandel added that the movement will hold a political conference early in March to discuss mechanisms for developing the movement’s performance and fostering political stir in the coming period.