Opposition slams regime’s efforts to rig election

Opposition slams regime’s efforts to rig election

The opposition Muslim Brotherhood accused the government on Monday of rigging Egypt’s parliamentary election by stopping its candidates from campaigning and arresting nearly 250 of its supporters.

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Mohammed Morsi ascertained that the violence against opposition candidates, indicated that the government was intent on forging the will of the Egyptian citizens

During a press conference held Monday the group stressed that the regime was bent on rigging the elections by hindering its candidates from meeting with the people and   disrupting campaigning.

More than 1200 of the MBs supporters have been rounded up, since the group’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie confirmed that they would participate in the elections.
Dr. Saad al-Ketatni, head of the MB parliamentary bloc added that measures against the group revealed the true intentions maintaining that he was surrounded by security agents during his campaign for re-election.

Egyptian civil society groups had earlier threatened to boycott the poll because of obstacles to their observation mission.