• October 24, 2008

Oppressive Procedures Against MB Students…Dismissing Ten At Faiom Univ.

Oppressive Procedures Against MB Students…Dismissing Ten At Faiom Univ.

Administration of the faculty of Dar El- Uloum at the University of Faiom decided the dismissal of other four Muslim Brotherhood students at the university yesterday.

Dismissed students are Mahmoud Haroun, Mahmoud Fathi Meawwad, Mahmoud Fathi Rabee, and Alaa Nasser.

Those students were dismissed due to the “New Students’ Welcome” posters that help guide the new comers on the university’s requirements and information. Ironically, the students were dismissed without investigations and this is, of course, against the university’s regulation.

At this university, dismissed students hit ten ones as well as other 14 who were referred to investigations and five ones who were detained including Mahmoud Haroun who recently received dismissal decision. Haroun was kept in custody for three days before release. Thus, he was detained three times in less than two years.

The Brotherhood students suffer from such oppressive procedures allover the Egyptian universities since they are vulnerable to investigations, dismissal, and arrest despite going on their studentship rights according to the law in University Union Elections to better express their views in a peaceful and civilized way.