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  • September 4, 2009
  • 3 minutes read

Osama Nasr and his companions transferred to State Security Forces

Osama Nasr and his companions transferred to State Security Forces
The security services transferred on September 1st, Dr. Osama Nasr, a member of MB Executive Bureau and 12 high ranking leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have been transferred to the State Security Headquarters in their governorates.
Those transferred with Dr. Osama Nasr al-Din are:
– Dr. Hossam Abu Bakr (Head of the MB Administrative Office in East Cairo)
– Dr. Ibrahim Mostafa
– Eng. Hesham Saqr (Cairo)
– Ashraf Abdel Samea
– Dr. Mohamed Saad Elewa (Giza)
– Ali Abdel Fattah
– Dr. Esam El Haddad (Alexandria)
– Mohamed El Ezbawy
– Mahmoud El Barrah (Gharbeya)
– El Husseini Mohamed El Shami
– Eng. Hassan Shaalan (Daqahleya)
– Walid Shalaby (Islamic writer-Sharqeya)
The State Security forces raided the houses of the thirteen MB detainees on the 14th May 2009. The Prosecution charged the detainees with a set of false accusations which were ludicrous lies. The accusations included money-laundering, proceeds taken from terrorist groups in order to conceal and disguise its source and nature. However, the court has acquitted them of all these charges.
On the same note, Dr. Othman Mohamed El-Nadi, a leading Brotherhood figure in Assiut and one of the accused in the case of Dr. Abul-Fotouh has returned home after the Supreme State Security Prosecution at the Fifth Gathering released him along with Engineer Dr. Massad Al-Sayyed Ali Qutb, a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure in Al-harbia. However, Qutb still remains detained at the State Security headquarters.
The Supreme State Security Prosecution included the leading Brotherhood leaders with Dr. Abul Fotouh in the renowned case no. 404 for 2009 State Security known in the media as “the international network of the Muslim Brotherhood” despite they were among the nineteen arrested from the Muslim Brotherhood in a raid campaign held at their houses on the 3rd March 2009. They received an acquittal from South Cairo Criminal Court on 29 July, 2009.