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  • June 20, 2008
  • 3 minutes read

Ousting Muslim Brotherhood MP Shows NDP Double-Standards: MPs

Ousting Muslim Brotherhood MP Shows NDP Double-Standards: MPs

The People’s Assembly has under the agreement of the NDP majority cancelled the membership of Mukhtar Al-Beeh (member of the MB parliamentary bloc from Suahg City) in favor of NDP candidate Hazem Hamdi (State Security General) claiming elections in his constituency were null.

The event raises many questions to analyst and opposition MPs. Why did the PA decide to reopen the judicial verdicts relating to the parliamentary elections while ignoring other ones What’s the future of parliamentary life under the oppressive policy adopted by the regime against the opposition, represented by the Muslim Brotherhood

The oppressive measure adopted by the pro-government majority against the MB MPs has many significant indications according to observers. MB MPs began to pay for calling for reform, siding with the people’s benefits, and resisting the corrupt NDP. Also, The NDP became at their wits end regarding facing the MB with evidence; especially that the MB helped the people disclose the violations of the NDP; e.g. exporting gas to Israel by the least price.

In a survey by the bloc’s website, many jurists and MPs of different political trends have agreed that excluding Al-Beeh is illegal and unconstitutional. However they differed in analyzing the event; some see it as a message to limit the MB MPs in the parliament, and others see it a message for the opposition as a whole.

Dr. Yahia al-Gamal (professor of Constitutional Law) stated that the PA is not entitled to examine the validity of memberships. It is the task of judicial courts. The PA should examine political issues not judicial ones.

Hamdi Hassan (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) indicated that such an event is a message for the MB and the Egyptians saying that the NDP is over all, legitimacy, and democracy as well. However, the MB and the people do refuse such a message, because the regime aims at excluding the MB role in political life after disclosing the violation and corruption practiced by the NDP members and leaders. “The MB will continue their reform march regardless of sacrifices” Hassan said.
NDP double- standards

Dr. Gamal Zahran (Independent MP) said that the Egyptian regime misused the power of its majority in the PA. They harness their power to oust opposition or pass harmful laws.
He accused the NDP members of double-standards and disrespect of law and constitution. He denoted that there are almost 120 judicial verdicts passed by the Court of Cassation annulling many memberships mostly against NDP members including heads of committees at the PA. These include Dr. Hamdi El-Sayed (head of Health Committee), Dr, Mustafa al-Fiqi (head of the Foreign Relations Committee), and Dr, Amal Othman (head of the Legislative Committee.)

He wondered why the PA ignores the other 120 judicial decisions. The regime seems to execute verdicts against opposition only to muzzle their voices.
Regarding the future of parliamentary life in Egypt, Zahran said “it’s heading from worse to worse”.