Outcome of MB Detainees is 7555 in 2008

Outcome of MB Detainees is 7555 in 2008


Abd Al-Mun`im Abd Al-Maqsoud, MB’s lawyer, said that the year 2008 had witnessed unprecedented aggravations of Egyptian government against Muslim Brotherhood, For 7588 members or leaders of the organization have been arrested by the government all around the year, he stated.


 With just a quick glance at their situation we would realize that 2537 among them have been detained via an order from the public prosecution without being transferred for trial, then orders issued by the persecution to release only 1803 among them and then ministry of internal affairs issued orders to detain 734 of them, Abd Al-Maqsoud added.


He also said that, 462 of them were arrested right after they have been released without being investigated by the public prosecution to amount the outcome of the detainees, according to emergency law, 1096 detainees. The rest of them were held prisoners with out an order from public persecution or even a detaining order.


The largest number of detainees held was in Al-Sharqiyyah governorate which reached 912 detainees, then comes Al-Giza 731 detainee, whereas the lowest number of detainees was in Marsa Matrouh governorate that reached about 25 detainees.

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