Over 450 Lawyers submit papers to oversee elections

Over 450 Lawyers submit papers to oversee elections

Dr Mohamed Morsy, member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood and media spokesman of the group as well as head of the Elections Committee stressed that during the past days MB candidates submitted their applications for the parliamentary elections.

The Freedom Committee at the Lawyers Syndicate approved the papers of 462 lawyers to monitor the parliamentary elections of 2010 after it was approved by the Supreme Committee for Elections. It is expected that the number of lawyers would rise to 1000 during the next few days.

Tareq Abdel Qader, coordinator of the monitoring committee in the Freedom Committee, told Ikhwanweb that they admitted 462 lawyers and soon the number would reach 1000, as their role is to prevent political games, as they are the ones who are most aware of the laws regarding elections in the absence of judicial supervision.

He added that the committee will try, by all available means, to prevent forgery and will work on applying the law on committees that it observes.

He pointed out that this is a national duty before it is a job, as it will prevent any political violations of the constitutional rights of the community to vote and participate in fair elections.