PA cabinet resigns en mass following Hamas’s election victory

The Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Ahmed Qrei, has resigned en mass following the unexpected overwhelming victory of Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement, in Wednesday’s legislative elections.

Qrei told reporters in Ramallah that the mass resignation was intended to allow Hamas to form the new Palestinian government.

Qrei, looking somber and obviously angry, said “if the Palestinian people wanted Hamas, then be it.”

The resignation of the PA government had been expected in light of the termination of the previous parliament’s term and the election of a new legislative council.

However, very few observers here expected the resignation to take place that soon.

Meanwhile, Hamas has extended its hands to Fatah for “a real partnership for the common good of our people.”

“we extend our hands to our brothers in Fatah and the rest of the Palestinian spectrum to work together for the common good of our people,” said Nayef Rajoub, who has won more votes than any other candidate in Wednesday’s election.

Rajoub said Hams would seek to form a government of national unity with Fatah and other groups.