PA Demands Nilesat Stop Carrying Hamas Al-Aqsa TV

The Palestinian Authority (PA) demanded Egyptian government to stop airing Al-Aqsa satellite channel run by Hamas Movement. The channel is carried by the Nilesat which is owned by the Egyptian government. Nilesat denied plans to end broadcasting the channel.
Sources inside the Egyptian Satellite company stated that there is no direct relation between NileSat and Al-Aqsa channel which being broadcast through a company which bought one of the satellite channels in the past, and is now leasing it to Hamas.
The sources pointed out that the relation between the channels aired by Nilesat and the company is based on solely commercial bases, and as long as the channels don’t violate prescribed conditions of broadcasting, then Nilesat does not have the authority to stop the broadcast.
The Egyptian Satellite company has previously faced similar pressures from the US administration in order to stop broadcasting Iraqi Alzawra satellite channel. It was forced to stop broadcasting it on the Egyptian satellite, under pretext that it confuses other channels carried by the Nilesat.