PA government denounces kidnaping Spanish photographer in Gaza

A group of unknown armed men on Tuesday kidnapped the AP photographer Emilio Morenatti outside his residence in Gaza city as the PA government decried the act.

Ibrahim Barzak, director of the AP office in Gaza, said that the armed men abducted the Spanish photographer in front of his place of residence in Gaza city at 7.00 am local time.

Dr. Ghazi Hamad, the PA government spokesman, denounced the “kidnap crime” and affirmed that it was absolutely rejected and only harmed the image of the Palestinian people.

“The government refuses such practices that only increase security mess in our country and that are exercised by individuals who do not have any considerations to national interests,” he elaborated.

Hamad demanded the immediate, unconditional release of the photographer, explaining that the PA government would adopt all necessary measures to ensure his release.