PA information ministry demands trial of IOF commanders for war crimes

 The PA information ministry has demanded the trial of Israeli army commanders before the international war crimes tribunal in The Hague over the massacres they committed and still are committing against the Palestinian people especially the ongoing bloodbath in Beit Hanun, north of the Gaza Strip.

More than 60 Palestinians were killed and more than 250 were wounded, 40 of whom in serious conditions, in the ongoing IOF incursion into Beit Hanun that started on 1st November.

The ministry deplored the fact that the carnage was progressing amidst international silence and with blatant American collusion, pointing to the latest IOF crime of targeting a busload of kindergarten children in Beit Hanun that killed two of them and wounded eight others.

The ministry urged the world community to intervene and pressure the IOF into allowing entry of food consignments, water, and milk for the children in besieged Beit Hanun. It noted that potable water had mixed with sewerage water due to the IOF shelling and the city was suffering electricity blackout for the past six days.

It appealed to human rights advocates to stand up against such “Zionist crimes” against the unarmed Palestinian people, in their capacity as crimes against humanity and in violation of international laws especially the fourth Geneva Convention.

The ministry asked all local, Arab and international media to intensify coverage of the Israeli brutalities and to refute the “Zionist allegations” over what is going on in the beleaguered, yet steadfast city.