PA labor minister admitted to hospital two days after his release from Israeli prison

PA labor minister Mohammed Al-Barghouthi was admitted to hospital on Wednesday two days after his release from an Israeli jail where he had spent 48 days under cruel interrogation rounds in Maskobeh detention center.

Barghouthi, 38, underwent comprehensive check-ups, a ministry statement said, noting that he suffers from pains in his limbs, back and neck other than a state of severe exhaustion.

The Israeli authorities had kidnapped eight PA cabinet ministers and 31 PLC members in a sweep of arrests over the past couple of months in a serious precedence aimed at paralyzing the Hamas-formed PA government.

Palestinian captives in Israeli jails suffer from medical neglect that on certain occasions led to the death of a number of them.

A number of university professors and academics were also victims of such a policy. One such case is the Palestinian physics professor Issam Al-Ashkar, who suffers from hypertension, and who is given 12 kinds of medicines.

He was taken to Hadassah hospital with both hands and feet shackled after his blood pressure rose to very high degrees that threatened his life.

Another case is that of Dr. Mohammed Ghazal, a lecturer at the Najah University, who suffers from backache and very poor eyesight that worsened during his detention that started on 25/9/2005 during an IOF campaign of arrests in lines of Hamas leaders, cadres and supporters in a bid to impede its successful participation in the local then legislative elections.