PA Minister: PLC speaker was tortured by Israelis

The PA minister for captives affairs, Wasfi Kabaha, said in a press release on Thursday that the Israeli court at Ofer decided to extend the detention of Dr. Aziz Dwaik, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, to eight days to for further interrogation.

Dr. Dwaik will be moved to the Kfar Youna detention center where Israeli intelligence officers will continue with his interrogation.

Kabaha said that Jawad Poulus, Dwaik’s lawyer informed him that Dr. Dwaik fainted twice on Thursday while being interrogated, suggesting that he was being tortured to extract confessions out of him.

Kabaha condemned the Israeli court’s decision to extend the detention of Dr. Dwaik and the decision to move him to the notorious Kfar Youna isolation detention center.

Dr. Dwaik was captured last Saturday night and taken to Ofer prison where he was subjected to rounds of torture and interrogation resulting in him being taken to hospital where he spent 24 hours.