• February 12, 2009

PA ministry urges world community to expedite relief to Gaza

PA ministry urges world community to expedite relief to Gaza

The public works ministry in the Gaza Strip has appealed to the world community to immediately expedite relief assistance to thousands of Palestinian families whose homes were destroyed in the Israeli war and were now living in tents or under the remains of their collapsed houses.

The ministry in a statement on Wednesday said that those families” living conditions have worsened after heavy rains swamped their makeshift shelters, adding that its teams have done whatever they could to alleviate the suffering of those families.

The ministry held Israel and the international community responsible for the human tragedy in Gaza as a result of the Israeli war and the world”s continued silence on the Israeli closure of crossings, which if opened do not allow entry of basic reconstruction equipment and tools or even ready made houses to provide shelter for those families.

It asked the Arab and Islamic countries, specifically mentioning Egypt, to assume their responsibility toward the Palestinian people. It asked for the opening of the Rafah border terminal to facilitate entry of those necessary materials and machines, which were donated by a number of countries, to allow quick removal of the debris and to start in the reconstruction process.

The ministry also asked the world community to work on lifting the Israeli siege and opening all crossings without any further delay.