PA prisoners’ ministry holds IOA responsible for life of Awwad

PA prisoners’ ministry holds IOA responsible for life of Awwad

The PA ministry of prisoners” and ex-prisoners” affairs has held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the life of Palestinian prisoner Ahmad Abdul Fattah Awwad of Tulkarem city, who was reportedly in critical condition.


In a press release it issued on Thursday, and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, the ministry explained that Awwad, 28, suffers weakness in the heart muscle that resulted after Israeli doctors prescribed the wrong medicine to treat a heart attack he suffered ten months ago whilst he was in jail.


Family of Awwad affirmed he was in good health condition and suffered no disease prior to his arrest seven years ago. An Israeli court sentenced Awwad to 40 years.


The ministry also confirmed that at least 1,600 Palestinian captives in Israeli jails were suffering chronic diseases due to torture sessions and due to prescribing the wrong medicine to them as in the case of Awwad.


The ministry also highlighted the deteriorated health condition of a number of Palestinian captives, including Raed Daraybeh of Gaza city, Emad al-Dein Zurab of Rafah city, and female captive Amal Fayez Juma”a who all suffer from cancer.


In this regard, the ministry appealed to the World Health Organization (WHO) to immediately investigate this issue so as to know the real reason behind the growing number of cancer-related cases among the Palestinian captives, and to expose Israel”s crimes against the Palestinian prisoners