PA Speaker: Gov’t Failed to Fulfill Social Justice

PA Speaker: Gov’t Failed to Fulfill Social Justice

Dr. Ahmad Fathi Soror, speaker of the Egyptian People”s Assembly, stated  that Egypt doesn”t have a clear policy to implement social justice among different social classes in the country. He asserted that social justice must be preceded by equal distribution of development efforts and combating poverty that leads to the death of 20 kids per minute, suitable environment for corruption and crime, and human trafficking.

During the tenth annual conference of the National Center for Social and Criminal Researches, Soror indicated that the Egyptian government should promptly set clear social policies to attain social justice. He stated that food crisis is not only an impediment for development or a poverty element, but threatens the world”s stability and security as well.

He agreed with the director of FAO that grains price increase menaces the global stability and peace. Soror said that international and local markets must be amended to relieve the sufferings of the poor countries.

Dr. Ali Meselhi,  minister of the Social Solidarity and the head of the Center, stated that we experience serious economic conversion and therefore we must cope with the issue based on setting new concept for social justice as well as social and human capital. He called for forming a scientific committee at the end of the conference to define the basic steps f social justice in Egypt.

Dr. Mahmoud Udah, head of sociology, criticized the government for creating new legislations and codes that are functionally misleading depending on levying only. He indicated that the government and people deceive each other, “the government claims to be rising the salaries and the people claim to be working very hard.”

 “The government keeps on the same practices event within the age of IT and communications revolution. For instance, students of the secondary school have to apply on the faculty coordination website, later on, they have to go for their faculties with their documents and 150 pounds, so that the government may be assuming the same position of levying. The same thing happens with the remotely- read electric meters; whenever one”s reading go beyond reality for even 10 folds, he should then in vain sue before the court” he added.