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The Egyptian Movement for Change

The Egyptian Movement for Change Kefaya A Collaborative Gathering in Response to Alexandria Sectarian Events The Egyptian Movement for Change (Kefaya) invites all Egyptians of all the political spectrum; intellectuals, artists,

The Brothers strike back

Diaa Rashwan: "The wave of protest over the novel {A Banquet For Seaweed} in which the Brotherhood played a prominent role, erupted precisely as the largest Islamic grouping in Egypt

Egyptian polls marred by clashes

Egyptian polls marred by clashes, voters barred from entering polling stations at 12:48 on November 26, 2005, EST.  Riot police barred Egyptian voters from polls Saturday as knife and gun

The Moslem Brotherhood’s candidates in Alex go on hunger strike

 The Moslem Brotherhood’s candidates in Alex go on hunger strike till they enjoy their full political rights and the blockage of polling centers come to an end.

Anti-war film takes Sundance award

The Sundance Film Festival gave top awards to anti-war documentary Why We Fight and human drama Forty Shades of Blue at the end of its 10-day run.

No Genocide in Darfur: UN Report

While accusing the Khartoum government of gross, systematic human rights violations, a UN report revealed Tuesday, February 1, ruling out a US-claim Sudan has pursued a policy of genocide in

Palestinians Furious at Israeli Killing of Schoolgirl

Reacting to Israel’s killing of a Palestinian girl at a UN-run school in Gaza, resistance factions threatened to resume attacks against Israel unless occupation forces immediately stopped their “aggressions against

Which Men Are Marrying and Why?

The US mainstream society today, there has been a steady decrease (40 percent) of marriage annually from 1970 to 2002...

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