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Which Men Are Marrying and Why?

The US mainstream society today, there has been a steady decrease (40 percent) of marriage annually from 1970 to 2002...

khaled hamza

Posting this from the margins of day one of an all-day two-day closed workshop, so no time for links or detail.

Islamist opposition Web site editor held in Egypt

The editor of an Egyptian Web site run by the opposition Muslim Brotherhood has been remanded in custody for 15 days after two recent meetings with foreign human rights activists,

Britain Must Condemn Israel for Jericho Prison Raid

The Foreign Office decision to withdraw British observers on 14th of March from the Jericho Prison without prior arrangements gave Israel the opportunity to demolish and kidnap Palestinians. The strong Palestinian

Egypt’s Islamists caught in a bind

Shaken by November’s atrocity in Luxor, Egypt’s response has been to intensify police repression. The government refuses to differentiate between the diverse streams of political Islam and is lumping the