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The Reality of the Battle

Understanding the reality of the battle, its subject, the original and subsidiary parties of the conflict, and identifying the battlefield are among the most important elements of clear vision. One

Clarity of Vision

The clarity of vision is one of the most essential and necessary matters for anyone whom Allah has graced with the work for the elevation of Islam. We invite people

‘And tomorrow the sun of freedom will rise.’

The tenth anniversary of the military coup against the democratic path – which was established by the January revolution – is different this year from previous years. The coup project

Be supporters of Allah

The Muslim Brotherhood, while condemning the criminal act of the desecration of the Holy Quran, calls on the Islamic nation, and all preaching institutions, to launch an open global campaign

The Unity of Rituals and the Unity of the Ummah

With the breezes of the Hajj rituals, which are one of the greatest seasons of obedience, a pillar of religion, and a cornerstone of Islam, these are rituals and feelings

“The martyred president… His memory will remain a beacon for the revolutionaries and an inspiration

In a critical historical moment, the martyred President Mohamed Morsi emerged from the womb of the January revolution; he strived with all his might to liberate Egypt from tyranny and

The “Muslim Brotherhood” congratulates President Erdogan and the people of Turkey on the results of

The “Muslim Brotherhood” group extends its sincere congratulations to the honorable people of Turkey on their sophisticated democratic exercise, which resulted in the election of the President of the state

Letter to His Excellency Mr. Siraj ul Haq, Leader of the Islamic Group in Pakistan

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings We strongly condemn the criminal attack that your procession suffered today in the Zob area, southwest Pakistan, and we sympathize with

The Muslim Brotherhood and Politics

Does the Muslim Brotherhood want to govern? Why does the Muslim Brotherhood practice politics? Will the Brotherhood abandon their call for political action? The Muslim Brotherhood since its advent has


19 -The right to build a family (a) Marriage - within the Islamic framework - is a right granted to every human being. It is the legitimate and lawful manner of