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The Message of the Muslim Brotherhood

“O you who believe, bow and prostrate and worship your Lord and do good so that you may succeed. And strive for Allah with the striving due to Him. He

The Muslim Brotherhood Vision

Imam Hassan Al-Banna (May Allah have mercy on him) mentions that his comprehensive understanding of Islam, his distress over the condition of Muslims, and his certainty that people’s happiness lies

Hassan Al-Banna Says

      The idea will only succeed if faith in it is strong, sincerity in its path is abundant, enthusiasm for it increases and there is a willingness to sacrifice and

Essence of Muslim Brotherhood in specific words

Dear Brothers: You are not a charity, nor a political party, nor an organization for limited purposes. Rather, you are a new spirit that runs in the heart of this

Hassan Al -Banna says in the messages

  Hassan Al -Banna says: I am an explorer who seeks the truth, a person who seeks the meaning of humanity among people, and a citizen who seeks for his homeland dignity,


The Muslim Brotherhood vehemently condemns the treacherous terrorist bombing that took place in Pakistan, resulting in the death of 54 individuals and at least 200 injured. The attack targeted a

The Desired Change

The nature of the desired change is one of the essential components of a clear vision: We must have faith in the legitimacy of this change and its adherence to

fake news about the group’s communication with one of the potential presidential candidates.

The Muslim Brotherhood group denies what has been circulated and published in some media outlets and social media pages about the group's communication with one of the potential presidential candidates.

The Essence of the Message

Our battlefield today is identity, revolving around characteristics, structure, and the Islamic ethos. According to the Quran, our enemies "will continue to fight you until they turn you back from

The Size of The Challenges

The challenges facing those who work for the sake of Allah are multiplying, imposing a local, regional, and international reality, a reality in which the Islamic identity disappears, and the