Pakistan echoes with pro Freedom Flotilla demonstrations

Pakistan echoes with pro Freedom Flotilla demonstrations

LAHORE,  The highly offensive and unprovoked Israeli attack and killing of dozens of aid workers on board international aid ship to besieged Palestinians in Gaza carrying food and medicines evoked strong response from all religious quarters in Pakistan, calling it a logical result for Muslim rulers slavery to Israel’s mentor – the US – and demanding a collective Jihad by the Muslim world to wipe Israel off the face of earth.

The brutal attack and murders ignited protests across Pakistan with many parties like Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizbut Tahrir and others holding demonstrations, while several other groups announced holding protests on Tuesday (today).

The angry Muslim leaders observed that the illegitimate US child was brazenly killing innocent Muslims and those who tried to help Palestinians, while on the other hand Muslim rulers were busy in US slavery through carrying out its so called war on terror and allowing Nato arms and logistic supplies from Pakistani soil which were used to kill innocent Afghani Muslim civilians. 

Jamaat e Islami ameer Syed Munawar Hasan called upon the Muslim countries to cut every kind of ties including the diplomatic ones with both Israel and its mentor the US in the wake of the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla, and mobilize the United Nations for teeth shattering reply against the Zionist state.

He said Israel had proved itself the biggest terrorist of the world by firing on the flotilla carrying food and drugs for the besieged Palestinians in Gaza with the US backing. He said this should be an eye opener for the world conscience. One and a half million Gaza Muslims were under Israeli siege for the last three years and the UN was keeping silent under US pressure.

He prayed for the safety of noted Pakistani journalists Tallat Husain and others traveling on the flotilla.

JUP secretary general Qari Zawar Bahadur terming it Israeli terrorism demanded of the Muslim World for waging jihad against Israel and giving a befitting answer to the Zionists.

He demanded of the international community to cut diplomatic relations with the Israel after this horrific incident.

Hizbut Tahrir (HT) Pakistan spokesman Naveed Butt said with the cowardly late night attack on aid ship carrying food and medicines to besieged Gaza and killing dozens of world aid workers, the Zionists proved that illegal Israeli state has no right to exist and Muslims should wage collective jihad to wipe it off the face of the earth.

Naveed Butt said Israel, the illegitimate child of America, has the audacity to persecute Palestinian Muslims with impunity because she knew that Muslims were gagged in more than fifty dungeons of nation states where traitor rulers were acting as prison guards to control angry masses. Thus an Ummah of over a billion was unable to remove the tiny filthy state of Israel despite having capability and Muslims’ Qibla-e-awal (Masjid Al-Aqsa) was under occupation.

Naveed Butt said the only one way to stop Israeli aggression on Muslims does not pass through halls of parliaments, OIC or UN rather it originates from the garrisons of Muslim armies. The Muslim Generals and armies were duty bound to point their tanks and missiles towards Israel and eradicate the Zionist state from the face of the planet, Butt said, adding that if the traitor rulers tried to come in their way they should trample upon them as well. He called upon the Pakistani army to fulfill their responsibility and prepare nuclear bombs and other weapons for Jihad instead of polishing them to give guard-of-honors. And if Zardari or Gilani comes in their way they should uproot them and give bayaa to a sincere Khaleefah to fight under this command to annihilate Israel.

Tanzim-e-Islami ameer Hafiz Akif Saeed said Israeli attack exposed the real faces of US and Europe under the false veneer of ‘civilization and human rights’. He sorrowfully said that Muslim rulers acting as mere slaves of the west were least expected to take any practical step to counter Israeli aggression.

Minhajul Quran International (MQI) secretary general Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi said Israeli attack was a demonstration of barbarism and violation of decency, civilized norms and international law. Dr Abbasi drew the global attention to the humanitarian crisis currently developing in Gaza around which Israeli forces have laid siege, thereby causing severe shortage of food and other necessary items. ‘We ask the international community to file a case against the Zionist state in the International Court of Justice and bring it to justice for its actions against Palestinians,’ he demanded. Dr Abbasi also urged the Arab League and OIC to wake up from slumber and raise collective voice against the Israeli atrocities.

Jamat-ud-Dawah (JD) ameer, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed terming the Israeli attack an act of naked terrorism demanded of the Muslim world to get united and take strong action against Israeli aggression.

He said the silence of the US, Europe and UNO over this gruesome incident was criminal. He demanded of the government to take courageous steps for the early release of the Pakistanis from Israeli custody.

Jamiat Ahle Hadith Nazim-i-Ala Hafiz Ibtesam Elahi Zaheer said Israeli aggression has established the fact that Tel Aviv was backing all acts of terror in the world. He demanded of the US and UNO to take serious notice of the incident and initiate a stern action against Israel.

Nazim-i-Ala Dar-ul-Aloom Jamia Naeemia, Allama Raghib Hussain Naeemi said that it was the duty of the Muslims to help their Palestinian brethren, while the government should play its proactive role on diplomatic level against condemning the Israeli aggression.

Tahaffuz Namoos Risalat Mahaz (TNRM) president Pir Athar Qadri, Fikr Writers Forum president Ziaul Haq Naqshbandi, and others said Pakistan created in the name of Islam should give a befitting message to the Muslims of the world by offering a courageous reply to the Zionists attack. 

Leaders of JI, Liaquat Baloch and Fareed Paracha said that Zionist state was a threat to the international peace.

They said that champion of human rights the US has kept a criminal silence over this gruesome incident.

Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) leaders Omer Sarfaraz Cheema and Ijaz Chaudary said that government should tell the international community especially the US that Israel was the real terrorist, as the US kept her eyes closed on this horrible incident.

They demanded of the Muslim community to get united on a single platform to counter the aggression of the Zionists and anti-Muslim forces.