Pakistani clerics slam Cairo for constructing steel wall with Gaza border

Pakistani clerics slam Cairo for constructing steel wall with Gaza border

Noted Pakistani Islamic scholars joined their counterparts elsewhere in the Muslim world to condemn Cairo for constructing a huge metal and concrete wall along its border with Gaza which will literally choke the Palestinians to starvation and death. 
The religious clerics from a wide spectrum of Muslim schools of thought came down harsh upon Cairo which, they said, had been acting as a mere stooge in the hands of Washington and Tel Aviv. They called upon Muslim Ummah to rise up to this occasion calling for their urgent help in the name of Muslim brotherhood and Islamic principles of helping out the oppressed.
Many Pakistani clerics and religious groups will be holding protest meetings in the coming days to condemn Cairo’s move, while some of the big institutions like Jamia Ashrafia, the largest religious seminary affiliated with Deobandy school of thought in Lahore, already held meetings condemning Cairo for such a blatant violation of Islam and demanding immediate reversal of the decision. 
Cairo has already completed initial phases of 10 kilometers long wall which will also go down 50 to 60 feet into the ground to cut off the tunnels which Tel Aviv accuses Palestinians of using to smuggle arms along with the food supplies into Gaza. Despite that Cairo has practically shut its border crossings with Gaza for last few years under Tel Aviv’s demands; this porous border was the only available link of Gaza with the outside world since Israel constructed a similar wall on the boundaries of Gaza with the occupied lands, turning the area into a literal prison camp. 
Noted cleric and chairman Royat Hilal (Moon Sighting) Committee, Mufti Munibur Rehman said Cairo’s move could provide Israel a fresh license for a renewed spate of Palestinians’ genocide which, God forbid, could result into complete wiping out of Palestinian Muslims from the face of the world besides turning entire Palestine into Israel.
Talking to Palestine Information Centre [PIC], the head of Pakistan’s official moon sighting committee, said the Egyptian wall could prove more disastrous than those of Israel and Germany since it could change the geography of the world on a large scale. Terming the wall against Islamic principles of Muslim brotherhood and helping the oppressed, he wondered why Cairo cited a flimsy argument like national security for clamping prison like restrictions on 1.5 million Palestinian Muslims languishing under extreme Israeli-Egyptian blockade for the last many years that caused deaths to thousands of patients, infants and other Palestinians.

Mufti Munib, who is also the head of the board governing seminaries belonging to Barelvi school of thought, noted that Cairo had always been acting as US-protégé since the signing of Camp David accord, carrying out Washington’s agenda in the region.
He said besieged Gaza people never threatened Egyptian security though they managed to smuggle small amounts of food, milk and medicines etc. through Egyptian borders in their attempts to ward off serious scarcity of vital supplies.

“Cairo’s move to construct Israel-like wall against Palestinians is heart-rending for entire Muslim Ummah, and we in Pakistan are so deeply grieved that we don’t have words to condemn Mobarak administration,” said Hafiz Fazl-e-Rahim, head of Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore, while talking to Palestine Information Centre.
He said Cairo not only turned against fellow Muslims but also betrayed Allah Almighty for giving away the first Qibla (House of worship) of Muslims to the enemies literally in a platter, instead of waging jihad for its recovery. 
Maulana Abdul Maalik, noted scholar and president Jamiat Ittehad-ul-Ulema, termed Cairo’s wall as anti-Islam, anti-humanity, and serious violation of the rights given by Islam, besides the ‘much talked-about’ fundamental human rights. He said such a move that allowed enemies of Islam to commit mass murders of Muslims was highly condemnable and entire Ummah should raise voice against it.

Maulana Abdul Maalik equated Cairo’s move with Islamabad’s U-turn on Afghan policy providing vital support to US forces to overthrow Taliban’s Islamic regime in Afghanistan in the wake of 9-11. “Hosni Mobarak’s action is similar to the strategic and logistic support given by Gen Pervez Musharraf to the US forces invading Afghanistan resulting into massacre of over a million fellow Muslims,” he said.

Maulana Abdul Maalik also slammed the religious edict issued to Cairo by Egypt’s largest Islamic university, Jamia Al-Azhar, justifying the construction of wall on the plea of national security. He said any edict allowing committing blatant violations of Quran, Sunnah and Islamic principles of brotherhood, besides the ‘world known’ human rights, has no value in the eyes of Muslim scholars, since anything like that is believed to have been issued under government pressure. 
Noted Shia scholar, Allama Abdul Jalil Naqvi, said Cairo’s vital help in likely massacre of millions of Palestinian Muslims was a source of great shame on entire nation. In an interview with the PIC, the leader of the largest religious party of Shia sect in Pakistan said Egypt had always been a partner in Israeli and US genocide of Palestinians despite serious protests by Muslim Ummah. Cairo’s latest move to construct iron wall in a similar fashion as built by Israel on the remaining boundaries of Gaza is nothing but pure enmity of Islam, he said.
Naqvi wondered under what Shariah Al-Azhar justified and aided Israeli plans of wiping out entire Palestinian population of Gaza. He said Al-Azhar appeared to be working under the slavery of Cairo rulers instead of Allah Almighty.