Pakistanis’ cry for besieged Palestinians

Pakistanis’ cry for besieged Palestinians

Addressing a round table conference titled “Besieged Palestinians and their Cry” organized by Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) at Karachi, Pakistan’s largest industrial hub and port city, the country’s leaders also warned that Mossad was involved in the massive terrorism incidents in Pakistan in order to weaken the only ideological Muslim state which Tel Aviv had always considered its potential arch rival.

The leaders condemned what they called the role of silent spectators played by world, specially the west and its media towards the Zionists’ systematic genocide of Palestinians and constructing Jewish settlements on their lands.

They lashed out at Muslim rulers for secretly abetting Tel Aviv’s crimes against humanity and implementing the Zio-American agenda in the Muslim world. They particularly slammed Cairo’s pro-Israel policies against those besieged in the Gaza Strip, terming those policies as harsher than those by Tel Aviv.

The conference held by the PLF, an NGO for raising awareness about the Palestinian cause, was addressed by the leaders of both the ruling coalition partners, the PPP and PML-N, besides major religious and social organizations including Jamaat-e-Islami, JUP, Jafaria Alliance (a group of Shia parties) and local representatives and media leaders.

Former federal minister for education and PPP leader Prof ND Khan accused world powers and Muslim governments of ignoring the most important issue of the Muslim world, the Palestine issue, for the sake of US pleasure. He said western media always portrayed the Palestine issue against the interests of the occupied Muslim population, and stressed that it was high time Muslims joined hands to solve the core issue that was fomenting violence and terror across the world.

PML-N leader and former Governor of Sindh province, Mamnoon Hussain lambasted Cairo’s move to suffocate the already besieged Gazans and stressed that pro-US policies of Muslim rulers had thwarted a just and peaceful settlement of the Palestine issue in the past. He slammed Islamabad for never coming out for helping out the Palestinians or playing any positive or decisive role in this regard.
Mamnoon Hussain demanded of Pakistani parliament to at least pass a resolution calling for helping out the besieged Palestinians in Gaza.

Senator Abbas Kamaili, head of Jafaria Alliance, said it was high time Muslim governments should join hands to root out the biggest cancer from the world, Israel, by playing a positive and decisive role. Alleging that Tel Aviv was behind all the terrorism going on in the world, he lashed out at all those Muslim countries trying to establish normal relations with the Zionist regime, saying they were implementing Zionist conspiracies for the sake of US money. He said the Muslim world should not only solve Palestine issue but also try to find solution to all problems facing Muslims.

Amin Khattak, provincial head of Awami National Party (ANP), another ally of central government, said Palestine was not the issue of Muslims only but it concerned the whole of humanity, since Tel Aviv was committing genocide of the entire humanity on a daily basis.

Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi head, Mohammad Hussain Mehnti condemned US, UK and Delhi for abetting Zionist crimes against humanity in Palestine. He said it was a matter of extreme shame that Israel barred Palestinian Muslims from entering their places of worship, a fundamental right allowed everywhere in the world to people practicing every religion, and Muslim world had the most precious record in this regard by allowing all minorities complete freedom to practice their religions.

Mr Mehnti condemned the Muslim rulers, specially the OIC and Arab League, for playing a frustrating role in protecting Muslims freedoms and rights. He demanded more decisive role of Muslim rulers towards Palestine cause and severing of Muslim world’s ties with Tel Aviv.

JUP leader Shabbir Abu Talib said genocide of Palestinian Muslims and demolishing Muslim neighborhoods to establish Jewish settlements was a flagrant conspiracy against Islam. He also warned against fresh Israeli plans to kill Hamas leaders following its shameful defeat in Lebanon against Hezbollah. He demanded all Muslim governments to establish Palestine desks to raise voices against Zionist conspiracies.

The conference was also addressed by PLF convenor Muzaffar Hashmi, Prof. Talat Wazarat, Pakistan Awami Tehrik leader Ali Ausat, Karachi Press Club secretary A H Khanzada, Allama Aftab Haider, Osama Bin Razi and others.

In a resolution, the conference demanded immediate halt and evacuation of Jewish settlements in West Bank, harshly condemned the demolition of East Jerusalem by Tel Aviv, strongly condemned the construction of the Iron Wall by Cairo on border with Gaza and demanded its immediate demolition saying that the building of the wall amounts to mass murder of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The resolution said the gathering under the aegis of PLF displayed a unified support of Pakistani population to the cause of Palestinian Muslims, and demanded the parliament to pass resolution against Tel Aviv and Cairo for their anti-Muslim measures. It also demanded severing of ties with Cairo for building a huge Berlin-like wall around Gaza. It also demanded of UN to take immediate action against Israeli genocide of Palestinians.