Palestinian academics praise Mishaal’s speech

Palestinian academics praise Mishaal’s speech

Palestinian political science professor Dr. Abdul Sattar Qassem said Thursday that the speech of Khalid Mishaal, the head of Hamas”s political bureau, reflects the Islamic Movement”s conviction that a new balance of powers in the region had been established.

In an interview with the PIC Thursday, Qassem pointed out that the speech of Mishaal was “out of a concrete fact that there was a new balance of powers that had been born in the region in favor of the resistance powers that would gradually gain recognition”.

“Indeed, there were a number of Arab leaders in addition to the PA leaders in Ramallah who were still mortgaging themselves to the old scale of powers, while Mishaal”s perception was based on the fact that the Zionist entity and the USA were no longer capable of defeating the resistance”, Qassem highlighted.

Qassem also shrugged off the rumors that were disseminated by detractors of Hamas that the Movement had abandoned the resistance option, stressing, “All those who doubted Hamas”s stands on the resistance option were indeed embarrassed and muzzled by the speech of Mishaal, especially when he (Mishaal) talked about the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, and didn’t rule out the possibility of capturing more Israeli soldiers in the future”.

“We have seen Hamas”s warriors leading the Palestinian resistance factions in defending the Gaza Strip against the Israeli invasion last January, in addition to the fact that all the attempts to sideline the Movement from the Palestinian political arena were in vain”.

For his part, Dr. Mukhaimar Abu Saa”da, the political science professor at Al-Azhar University in Gaza city, seconded Qassem”s remarks, adding that speech of Mishaal proved the political flexibility of Hamas without abandoning the national constants and legal rights of the Palestinian people. 

Abu Saa”da also welcomed Mishaal”s keenness on making the Palestinian national reconciliation succeed although, he added, Mishaal linked that reconciliation to halting political arrests against Hamas supporters in the West Bank.

However, Abu Saa”da opined that the USA won”t heed Mishaal”s call to withdraw US officer Keith Dayton from the West Bank because “Dayton was doing a very important job he was commissioned to perform there”.

Another political science professor in Gaza Strip Dr. Adnan Abu Amer pointed out that the Hamas”s supreme political leaders had indeed succeeded in asserting Hamas”s inalienable stands of adhering to the legal rights and national constants of the Palestinian people despite the “successive” political offers from the USA, Israel, and the Arab countries to the Movement.

“Mishaal [in his speech] wanted to send a clear message to those who alleged that Hamas was amenable to compromising its stands that they were wrong in their speculations as he stressed that his Movement was firmly moving forward on the right track despite the political flexibility it demonstrates when necessity arose”, Abu Amer underlined, stressing that Mishaal”s speech reflects “political maturity after 20 years of the Movement”s birth”.