Palestinian administrative detainees appeal to PLC to activate their file

Palestinian administrative detainees appeal to PLC to activate their file

The Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli jails called in a letter to the PLC for activating their issue with international forums, the Hague tribunal and human rights organizations in order to end the arbitrary measures taken against them in Israeli courts.

In the letter, a copy of which was received by the PIC, the detainees called for activating the file of administrative detention through conducting a legal study in cooperation with local and international committees, pointing out the Israeli judge issues his rulings based on an unknown secret file fabricated by the Israeli intelligence.

The detainees also called for exposing the Israeli practices towards their families and relatives who are not allowed to attend their trials, explaining that when trials are held in the Negev desert area, prisoners” families are not allowed in at the pretext that they do not have permits, but if the trials are held in Ofer prison, they are not told about time of trials.

The letter said that the purpose of administrative detention is to psychologically break prisoners as their minds remain fragmented and busy with fears of endless imprisonment, pointing out that Israeli judges admitted to administrative captives that they should not have been in prison in the first place, but because of external circumstances they must be administratively detained.

The letter underlined that the local and international trial law proscribes civilian prisoners” appearance before a judge wearing a military uniform and this act bears out that such trials are nominal and subject to decrees issued by the Israeli internal intelligence Shabak.

The letter noted that administrative detainees pay $500 every time they file an appeal request to the Israeli higher court and every time these appeals are turned down by the judge at the pretext that there is a secret file tendered to him.

The letter disclosed that there about 870 administrative detainees in Israeli jails most of them are in the Negev prison, pointing out that the oldest administrative prisoner is Adnan Hamarsha who was kidnapped in late 2003.

During a visit by the lawyer of the Nafha society for the defense of human rights, the Palestinian MPs imprisoned in the Israeli Megiddo prison expressed their dismay at the world”s disregard of their issue for two years.

During another visit to female prisoners, the Nafha lawyer found out that the Palestinian women inside the Israeli Hasharon prison are living in very bad conditions, pointing out that prionser Amal Joma, 33, are suffering from kidney and respiratory problems, and her teeth are falling and decaying.