• Lebanon
  • August 16, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Palestinian expert: Israel exploits security aspect to blackout info on Lebanon war

The Palestinian specialist in the Israeli affairs, Ashraf Al-Ajrami, has accused the Israeli occupation government of invoking security concerns to cover up its crimes in Lebanon and Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian media specialist was speaking in a workshop organized in Gaza city on the Israeli media role in the war on Lebanon and Gaza Strip that was attended by many Palestinian journalists and media experts.

Ajrami explained that Israel’s army possesses 100 local radio stations specialized in military matters other than inducing the IOF troops to continue the offensive.

He also pointed out that the information department in the Israeli government plays a serious role in twisting facts and relay it in an opposite manner to pour in Israel’s favor.

To substantiate his remarks, Ajrami cited the media campaign launched by the information department of the Israeli foreign ministry that kept on hyping the “Zionist idea”, and that Israelis were victims of the war with the Palestinians, and that they only react in self-defense.

Moreover, Ajrami charged that news in Israeli media were subjected to military censorship that was lately alleviated after Israeli journalists and writers protested the measures and contested that they were contrary to Israel’s claim of being a “democratic state”.

“The Israeli media played a basic role in the war on Lebanon as all news channels (local and foreign) were denied reporting Hizbullah shelling of Israeli settlements in northern Palestine, as Israel’s military invoked security concerns to cover up the painful hits of Hizbullah rockets”, he underlined.