Palestinian factions in Cairo identify duties of committees

Palestinian factions in Cairo identify duties of committees

The Palestinian factions identified at the conclusion of their meetings in Cairo the duties of the five committees formed to deal with the files of the national unity government, the security apparatuses, the rebuilding of the PLO, the elections and the national reconciliation.

According to a statement issued by the Palestinian factions and a copy of which was received by the PIC, the committee on the government has been entrusted with the task of preparing a proposal about the formation of the government and its nature as a transitional government until the end of the PLC”s mandate and determining its assignments. 

The same committee will be also working on settling the question of the charities and institutions which have been impounded or shut down and will take the actions necessary for the reunification of the national PA institutions in Gaza and the West Bank and the resumption of the PLC”s work in accordance with the law.

The committee on security has been assigned to determine the number of the security apparatuses, its tasks, its security doctrine and its referential authority and work on the rebuilding of the specified apparatuses.

The committee on the PLO will work on the formation of a broader committee to follow up the steps of reactivating and developing the PLO according to foundations agreed upon by the Palestinian factions.

The committee on the elections will set the date for holding the legislative and presidential elections, specify the mechanisms to oversee the elections, re-form the central election commission and revise the electoral law.

The national reconciliation committee will address all the issues related to the rights of citizens and the issues of Palestinian families and clans.

The Palestinian factions agreed to nominate their representatives and the independent national personalities who will be in these committees which will start its missions as of the 10th of March and finish before the end of the month.

The factions also agreed to release immediately political prisoners in both the West Bank and Gaza and to stop all forms of restrictions on freedoms as well as media campaign.