Palestinian factions in Cairo agree to new PA unity government

Palestinian factions in Cairo agree to new PA unity government

Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Fatah, among other Palestinian factions meeting in Cairo have agreed Thursday to form an interim national unity government that would manage the Palestinian affairs till next PA election is held.

Senior Hamas official and deputy-head of the Movement”s political bureau Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, who heads Hamas”s delegation to the inter-Palestinian dialogue in Cairo, confirmed in press conference that five preparatory committees that the factions approved would suggest and specify members of that interim government.

He also disclosed that a “new and special” agreement on Rafah crossing point will be prepared, hailing the Egyptian efforts in reaching that agreement.

As far as the reconstruction of Gaza Strip is concerned, Abu Marzouk explained, “mechanism of reconstruction [in the Gaza Strip] will be delineated by the proposed committees, and since the rebuilding of Gaza is an absolute right of the Palestinian people, then all forms of support for that purpose will be provided”.

In their meetings in the Egyptian capital Cairo, leaders of the Palestinian resistance factions agreed to form and name the five committees that, they revealed, would start work on the 10th of next month, and conclude their missions on the 20th of the same month.

They also agreed a sixth committee that would comprise Egypt, the Arab League, and secretary-generals and heads of the Palestinian factions to supervise mechanism of implementation of the proposals.

In a related matter, Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haneyya called for comprehensive media reconciliation as he honored journalists working in the Gaza Strip for the efforts they had exerted in covering the brutal Israeli war on Gaza last month.

He also called on PA security forces in the West Bank to immediately and unconditionally release all journalists detained in the PA jails there, and to give the West Bankers the freedom to express their opinions.

The Palestinian Journalist Bloc (PJB) that organized the event, asserted that there were at least five Palestinian journalists, including two correspondents of the newly-launched Al-Quds satellite TV channels, were still detained in the PA jails in the West Bank without charges or trial.