Palestinian factions welcome speech of Mishaal

Palestinian factions welcome speech of Mishaal

The Palestinian resistance factions have welcomed on Thursday the speech of Khalid Mishaal, head of the Hamas political bureau, and described it as strategic speech that combines politics and resistance.


Ghazi Hussein, the head of the political bureau of the Sa”aeka faction, said in an interview with the PIC that Mishaal”s speech presented a new strategy in which Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian resistance factions could play constructive role to preserve the national constants of the Palestinian people.


He said that the speech of Mishaal has embodied the stand of the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people, and that the change that US president Barack Obama has called for during his speech in Cairo a couple of weeks ago must be translated on the ground in the form of true actions and serious initiatives that would retrieve the legal rights of the Palestinian people.


The speech has indeed reflected Hamas”s flexibility in dealing with true and fair political initiatives”, Hussein added. He supported the call of Mishaal on the US administration to control and limit the influence of the Jewish lobby that blindly supports and biased to Zionist entity.


He also welcomed Mishaal”s stress on the right of return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland as an individual right of every Palestinian refugee, underlining, “there would be neither peace nor stability in the region without the return of the refugees to their homeland“.


For his part, Anwar Raja, the head of the information department in the PFLP-GC seconded Hussein”s remarks, underscoring that Mishaal”s speech has put things on the right track.


He (Mishaal) was accurate, transparent, and clear when he said that Palestinians couldn’t just wager on words of the US administration, but it needs serious actions on the ground that would retrieve the usurped legal rights of the Palestinian people”, Raja pointed out in an interview with the PIC.


Raja emphasized that the clearest message in Mishaal”s speech was to the Arab leaders implicitly telling them that they should abandon the policy of concessions, and that no one has the right to subject the Palestinian issue to bargaining.


The PFLP-GC official also rallied behind Mishaal”s stand that Palestinian national reconciliation couldn’t be achieved while the PA security forces in the West Bank continuing their frenzied arrest campaigns against Hamas”s supporters in the West Bank.