Palestinian gov’t demands Britain to apologize for Balfour declaration

Palestinian gov’t demands Britain to apologize for Balfour declaration

 The Palestinian government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya demanded Britain once again to declare publicly its responsibility for Balfour declaration, apologize to the Palestinian people and atone for its historical crime against Palestine.

In a statement issued Tuesday on the 93rd anniversary of this catastrophic declaration, the government called on Britain to work hard on getting back all usurped rights to the Palestinian people who were massacred and expelled from their homes as a result of its pledge to give their own homeland to Jews from different nations.

The statement emphasized the Palestinian people’s right to their historical homeland from the sea to the river without taking away one inch of its soil and their right to compensation for all human and material losses inflicted on them as a result of Britain’s crime (Balfour declaration).

The statement stressed the need for prosecuting all Israeli war criminals for the crimes and massacres their Zionist entity committed throughout the history against the Palestinian people, the latest of which was their war on the Gaza Strip which claimed the lives of thousands of civilians.

Different Palestinian factions also issued statements on this anniversary demanding Britain to apologize for its historical crime against the Palestinian people and work hard on removing the Zionist occupation from Palestine.

The Hamas Movement stated for its part that it will remain defending the Palestinian rights, constants and holy shrines and adherent to the resistance option until it restores all usurped rights and liberate Palestine.

Hamas highlighted in its statement that Balfour declaration is unjust and illegal because Britain gave something it did not own and declared itself the guardian of the Palestinian people.

Its statement underlined that the Palestinian people are not bound by any political commitments towards the Zionist occupation and hold Britain and its allies fully responsible for establishing a Zionist entity on the Palestinian land and for all crimes that happened and are still happening against them at the hands of the neo-Nazis.

For its part, the popular front for the liberation of Palestine – General command (PFLP-GC) stated that recognizing the Jewish state is determinatal to the Palestinian people’s historical rights and high treason that entails legal punishment against those who advocate such an idea.

"Our right to Palestine is all Palestine without compromising a single inch of its soil," the popular front emphasized.

The Islamic Jihad Movement for its part, stated that recognizing the Jewish state is more dangerous than Balfour declaration, stressing that such recognition would be a trial against the Palestinian people’s struggles and sacrifices throughout the history.

Islamic Jihad considered the Palestinian authority’s insistence on proceeding with its peace process with the Israeli occupation as the only option to end the conflict helps perpetuate the ill-fated agreements and pledges that brought disasters on the Palestinians.