• March 25, 2009

Palestinian gov’t: Israeli escalations in O. Jerusalem require int’l position

Palestinian gov’t: Israeli escalations in O. Jerusalem require int’l position

The Palestinian government on Tuesday condemned the escalating Israeli actions to judaize occupied Jerusalem, considering the Israeli persistence in demolishing Palestinian homes and vacating the holy city of its indigenous people a serious crime requiring an international position against these racist practices.

This came during the weekly cabinet meeting chaired by premier Ismail Haneyya, where the government discussed a number of important issues and took decisions related to internal affairs and the assistance of affected citizens in the Gaza Strip.
Following the meeting, the government warned, in a statement received by the PIC, that the Israeli occupation authority intends to repeat the experience of population transfer that took place in 1948 in Palestine.

The statement condemned what happened, on the same day of the cabinet meeting, in Umm Al-Fahm city when Zionist far-right activists escorted by Israeli policemen went on a march with the declared call that the city must dispaly allegiance to Israel, adding that this is another sign the Israeli government is racist and trying to steal more Palestinian lands owned by native people and give them to Zionist fanatics.

It highlighted, in another context, the government”s position in support of the national dialog, considering the way to a successful reconciliation is to preserve the constants, to unite the ranks around the option of resistance and not to succumb to unfair international dictates harming the Palestinian constants.

The statement finally warned of the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza and the increasing death toll of patients as a result of the Israeli siege, calling on the Arab and Islamic countries to find mechanisms for the immediate implementation of their resolutions to break the siege on the Gaza people.