• April 1, 2010
  • 3 minutes read

Palestinian gov’t calls for activating issue of Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Palestinian gov’t calls for activating issue of Israeli war crimes in Gaza

In a statement issued following its weekly meeting, the government denounced some international parties and the Israeli government for attempting with the help of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to dodge the implications of Goldstone report and withdraw it from the UN discussion table.

The government held Israel fully responsible for its attack last Friday on Khan Younis, warning that this military escalation along Gaza borders was intended for diverting attention from Israel’s accelerating Judaization and settlement activities in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank.

It appealed to the international community to curb Israeli leaders and their aggressive tendencies towards the Palestinian people.

In another context, the government’s statement described the orientations of Arab leaders towards the occupied holy city of Jerusalem as positive, but it said these positions need to be implemented on the ground, stressing that the Jerusalem battle has started and needs all Arab support to protect it from Judaization.

The statement also highlighted that the Arab leaders’ call for ending the blockade on Gaza needs implementation mechanisms so as the Arab summit resolutions won’t end up locked inside office drawers.

In a related context, Palestinian minister of justice Faraj Al-Ghoul noted that there are vigorous attempts and enormous pressures made by many parties to turn the page of Goldstone report on Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

During his meeting with OHCHR branch office director Bikert George, Ghoul underlined that his government is the only party that provided a full report answering all questions mentioned in Goldstone report regarding the Gaza war.

He also expressed dismay for not replying to the government’s report and not keeping it posted on any developments or what next steps should be done in this regard.

The minister strongly denounced the UN human rights council for inviting the father of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit to address the council, while not doing so with the parents of 11,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, affirming that such behavior is unacceptable and raises doubts about the credibility and impartiality of this council.