• July 25, 2009

Palestinian MPs: Netanyahu’s conditions prove futility of PA-Israeli negotiation

Palestinian MPs: Netanyahu’s conditions prove futility of PA-Israeli negotiation

Palestinian lawmaker Ibrahim Abu Salem of Hamas”s parliamentary bloc in the Palestinian legislature has derided the conditions put forward by Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu to make “peace” with the Palestinians.


Before a special session held by the Israeli parliament on Wednesday, Netanyahu reiterated his conditions to resume the “peace process” with the Palestinians, including  recognizing Palestine as Jewish homeland, withdrawing all litigations filed against Israel for its crimes against the Palestinian people, dropping of the RoR, and accepting a demilitarized Palestinian state.


“How the Zionist entity could put such conditions while it doesn’t even recognize the simplest rights of the Palestinian people, confiscating their lands, and practices terrorism and oppression against them?”, Abu Salem said.


He also rejected the notion of a demilitarized state that Netanyahu is talking about especially that the Israeli occupation would not agree to disarm Jewish settlers let alone their occupation army, “so how could they deny us our legal right to defend ourselves”.


Moreover, Abu Salem warned that Netanyahu”s call to end the Arab-Israeli struggle meant to open the way for gratis normalization of ties between the Arabs and the Hebrew state, describing such call as “contempt” for the Arab national decision.


For his part, legislator Mohammed Shehab, who also belongs to Hamas”s bloc, belittled Netanyahu”s conditions, stressing that not even a single Palestinian child would accept them.


“Netanyahu could dream as he wishes… he also could put the conditions he dreams of, but the question is: would the Palestinian people accept his conditions? Or would a single Palestinian child listen to it? Definitely the answer would be No”, Shehab pointed out. 


He stressed that the Palestinian people don’t pay any attention to those conditions simply because they strongly believe that the Zionist occupation would finally be removed from the Palestinian land, and the Palestinian refugees would return to their homes to build the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.


He also scorned Palestinian officials who hurry up and accept to pursue the futile negotiations with the IOA at the expense of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian refugees, describing their action as “treason to the people and betrayal to the Palestinian issue”.


“Those [Palestinian] officials who betrayed the Palestinian national constants are actually Zionists in a Palestinian dress, and definitely they will end in the trash of history because they linked their existence to the existence of the Zionist enemy”, Shehab underscored.