Palestinian names his new born baby “Chavez”

A Palestinian farmer in the village of Yatta, Al-Khalil district, has called his new born baby boy “Chavez” after the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez out of admiration for his daring stands in support of Palestinian and Arab rights.

The man, Isaac Ismail Jabr Hoshiya, said that Chavez was more supportive of Arab questions than the Arab rulers when he decided to recall his ambassador from Tel Aviv in protest over the Israeli savage aggressions on Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

“The Venezuelan president proved through his honorable stands and support of the legitimate anti-occupation struggle that he is a free president that stands alongside freedom fighters and does not approve of Zionist oppression,” Hoshiya said.

He concluded, “Thus I did not find a better name to my new born baby than this name in this world that is biased to might and that is blind to right”.