Palestinian prisoner in Egyptian jail in serious health condition

Palestinian prisoner in Egyptian jail in serious health condition

The families of Palestinian prisoners in Egyptian jails called on Egypt to release prisoner Mohamed Al-Sayyed from Abu Zaabal prison after his health condition seriously deteriorated as a result of his exposure to severe torture.

The spokesman for the families told a news conference held on Sunday in Gaza that Egypt’s persistence in holding Palestinian young men in its jails is unjustified and painful for their families and the Arab and Muslim nations.

For his part, the brother of prisoner Sayyed said that some people related to an Egyptian citizen released recently from Abu Zaabal prison said that he saw the prisoner vomiting and defecating blood.

He pointed out that they asked the Egyptian prison administration to send Sayyed to a doctor, but they did not respond and left him in his solitary confinement until the next day.

He also said that later, the prison doctor said, after seeing him, that Sayyed needs medical tests which are unavailable inside the prison, but the prison administration refused that, adding that his brother is still in prison suffering a serious health condition threatening his life.

Sayyed’s brother appealed to all Arab and international human rights organizations to urgently intervene to release all Palestinian prisoners from Egypt’s jails.