• March 28, 2008

Palestinian refugees commemorate martyrdom of Sheikh Yassin and Rantisi

Palestinian refugees commemorate martyrdom of Sheikh Yassin and Rantisi

Representative of Hamas in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, said on Thursday that the language of dialogue between Hamas and Fatah Movements should continue in order to resolve the inter-Palestinian division, and to unite the Palestinian stand against the Israeli occupation.

Hamdan”s call was made during a speech he made before thousands of Palestinian refugees in Burj Al-Barajneh refugee camp, south of the Lebanese capital Beirut, commemorating the martyrdom of the two late Hamas most senior leaders Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Rantisi.

He also called on Arab leaders to rally behind and support the Fatah-Hamas deal which was signed in Yemen last week.

“Dialogue is the only option for the Palestinians to rearrange their home, and the dialogue between Hamas and Fatah must continue soon, and it should be followed by a comprehensive Palestinian dialogue”, said Hamdan.

He also asserted that the Palestinian resistance factions were united in their position that they will not agree to a truce with the Israeli occupation government unless that truce is a comprehensive, simultaneous, and reciprocal calm, explaining that the “Egyptian brothers” were acquainted with such Palestinian stand.

In this regard, Hamdan invited the Ramallah-based PA leadership to “stop beseeching the [Israeli] occupation”, highlighting that the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip failed due to the exemplary steadfastness and resoluteness demonstrated by the Palestinian people, pointing out that the Palestinian resistance had emerged stronger after the Israelis assassination of its senior leaders.

For his part, Abu Emad al-Refaie, the representative of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Lebanon, underlined that “there will be no truce with Israel if it continued killing the Palestinian people”, describing the PA talks with the Israeli occupation government as “the salvage ring” that bails it out of its political and security crises”.

Ghalib Abu Zainab, the senior political official in the Lebanese Hizbullah Party, stressed that it is impossible to stop the path of liberation in occupied Palestine, adding that “Blood of martyrs in Palestine and in Lebanon has changed the equation that the Israeli occupation government tried to inculcate in the Arab mind”.

Adding more pressures on the Arab leaders who are gearing up to convene in the Syrian capital Damascus, Dr. Ali Ammar, the senior official in the influential “al-Jama”a al-Islamia” in Lebanon, called on the Arab leaders to sever their diplomatic relationship with the “Zionist entity”, inviting Muslim and Arab states to rally behind and support the Palestinian people in their quest for liberation and freedom.

He also urged the Lebanese government to give the Palestinian refugees their complete human rights [being temporary guests on the Lebanese soil], and to rebuild the Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp which the Lebanese army had destroyed during its fight with the Fatah Al-Islam militant group last year.