Palestinian resistance bombards Israeli industrial area

 A squad of the Quds Brigades, armed wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, successfully shelled Israeli targets in the 1948-occupoied Palestinian city of Majdal as a middle-range home-made missile landed at the city’s industrial zone causing deafening explosions, sources in the Brigades affirmed.

The sources asserted that members of the squad safely returned back to bases after the armed mission, emphasizing that the pounding was in initial reprisal to the Israeli cruel assassination of two of the Movement’s field commanders as well as the incessant aggressions the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) had been mounting in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The group pledged more stunning shelling in the coming days.

In a related matter, Israeli humiliating practices against Palestinian workers didn’t come to a halt as head of the Palestinian laborers’ syndicates, Rasem Al-Bayyari, condemned the “savage” beating up incident carried out by IOF soldiers against two Palestinian workers in the city of Bethlehem.

Palestinian laborers Mahmoud Mousa Salah, 63, and Esa Khalil Asad suffered bruises and wounds all over their bodies as a result of the soldiers treacherous beating using their military boots, fists, and rifles’ butt. They were immediately rushed to hospital for treatment.

“Those barbarous acts on the part of the IOF strip down the Israeli allegations of facilitating life of the Palestinian workers, and points to an existing Israeli occupation government systematic policy aimed at suffocating the Palestinian community”, he added.

He urged the next PA government to work hard in protecting the Palestinian people in person and livelihood.