• April 1, 2010
  • 3 minutes read

Palestinian scholars appeal to Muslims to defend Aqsa Mosque by all means

Palestinian scholars appeal to Muslims to defend Aqsa Mosque by all means


In a press release, the association called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to rescind its decision to resume peace talks with Israel, claiming this is the least the PA can do to confront the Israeli arrogance.

It also urged the PA to activate any form of resistance necessary to protect the Islamic holy shrines against Judaization schemes.

The association noted that the Zionists’ repeated attempts to storm the Aqsa Mosque are a link in the chain of the Israeli violations against the Islamic holy sites in Palestine.

Extremist Jewish groups invited Israeli settlers to storm the Aqsa Mosque in order to slaughter offerings on the occasion of what they call the Passover.

In a related context, a Kuwaiti organization adopted a project for the support of the holy Mosque in Jerusalem called “traveling to the Aqsa Mosque” through providing dozens of buses for free to transport Palestinian worshipers from different Palestinian areas to the Mosque.

The project is under the supervision of Al-Rahma international society in Palestine, which is a subsidiary of the Kuwaiti social reform society.

Dr. Waleed Al-Anjari, the office director of Rahma society, asserted that the society will fund transportation for Palestinians from the West Bank and the 1948 occupied lands to travel and pray in the Aqsa Mosque.

Dr. Anjari told Al-Jazeera net that all Muslims are invited to participate in this project through providing financial support for the society.

This project, which comes within a wider campaign aimed in general to support the steadfastness of the holy city, has received generous donations from many individuals and institutions.