Parliament Discusses Suspension of MB’s Weekly

Today, the Parliament discusses the urgent question lodged by the Muslim Brotherhood’s MP Muhssen Rady concerning the suspension of Afaq Arabia weekly which articulates the Brotherhood’s views. The pretext of the decision is the existing dispute over the presidency of the newspaper’s board of directors.  
In his question, Rady said this justification contradicts the policy of the Higher Press Council, headed by Safoat el-Shreef, the Chairman of Shorah Council. For instance, both al-Gad and al-Wafd parties suffer from inner conflicts; however, they are still issuing their newspapers. In addition, the dispute in al-Ahrar Party, which runs the weekly, does not relate to Afaq Arabia. Therefore, the decision seems to be a government punishment of its political rivals since the weekly is an opposition newspaper with Islamic-orientation. The Brotherhood’s MP, a journalist, added the procedure violates the press freedom and puts the newspaper’s 70 staff at risk.
At the end, Rady called on Information Minster, entitled to supervise press, to clarify the reasons behind this obstinate move and to take necessary measures to drop the decision.
On the other hand, journalists of Afaq Arabia stage a protesting stand before the Shorah Council and the Higher Press Council on Wednesday. Members of Press Syndicate’s board, some parliamentarian journalists, and the Brotherhood’s MP Muhssen Rady participate in the stand.

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