Parliamentarian: Egyptian Government Can’t Restore the Rights of Its Subjects Abroad

Parliamentarian:  Egyptian Government Can’t Restore the Rights of Its Subjects Abroad

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc MP Sayyid Askar accused the Egyptian government of and criticized the Egyptian Foreign Ministry for failing to restore the rights of and protect their subjects abroad. 

“The Egyptian government failed to restore the rights of Egyptians who were in Iraq before the American invasion,” Askar said requesting that action be taken under the pressing need of these citizens for their money.

Askar explained that he had introduced a request on the retrieval of Egyptians” money in Iraq to Head of the Ministers Council and Minister of Manpower and Migration considering them the parties responsible for labors” rights explaining that he did not direct it to the Foreign Ministry since its responsibilities are political and in order for the problem to be solved as quickly as possible.

Askar pointed to the arrival of more than a billion dollars of Egyptian dues not yet returned to their owners adding, “Moreover, the UN did not include this amount among the compensations being returned; this amount which Egyptian laborers had deposited in Iraqi banks before the American invasion on Iraq.  Neither did the Iraqi government transfer the money to the Egyptian Central Bank (the yellow transfers)!”

“This money has been frozen based on a UN decision ordering the freezing of Iraqi money in banks,” Askar added explaining that, in fact, there are a great number of people still looking for their money in addition to 637,000 Egyptians who the “yellow transfers” owe compensations that were sent during their presence in Iraq and which have not yet arrived since the date of their transfer.