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  • March 30, 2010
  • 11 minutes read

Parliamentarians and politicians at the MB parliamentary bloc’s workshop to shape Egypt’s upcoming polls

Parliamentarians and politicians at the MB parliamentary bloc’s workshop to shape Egypt’s upcoming polls

Politicians, parliamentarians and media representatives have ascertained that the people’s ability to express their will freely and spontaneously through the ballot boxes concerning  their representative to the Egyptian Presidential and Parliamentary Elections is the beginning of real political reform and the only way out of the country’s miserable situation in all areas as a result of tyranny and corruption


During the seminar organized by the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc titled “What is to be expected, after submitting the law on political rights to the PA?”  The group expressed  their deep appreciation for the MB parliamentary bloc’s efforts of  bringing  together different national political powers demanding the  endorsement of a bill on political rights prepared by the MB members and independent MPs to the PA


Dr. Saad el-Katatni, member of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s Executive Bureau and head of the MB parliamentary bloc, has emphasized that Egypt’s unfortunate political stalemate, endless social and economic problems and a decline in basic services can no longer be tolerated. “The real route out of the impasse  developed by the  successive governments in Egypt is  free and fair elections is  yielding parliaments who faithfully convey the concerns of different national political powers and the  masses of Egyptian people”, Katatni said


He explained that history has proved that the government has repeatedly forged the people’s resolve of the nation and prevented registered voters from casting their true ballots during the 2000 parliamentary election and the third stage of the 2005 election. In fact the rigged constitutional amendments passed on March 19, 2007 forced Egypt to retreat many steps back


He stressed that the bill proposes guarantees for the integrity and freedom of elections. If passed, it would entrust the judiciary with supervision of the entire electoral process, establishing an independent body reviewing the lists of voters, the polling process, and announcing results. People would also be permitted to vote using their national identity cards


MP Hussein Ibrahim, deputy head of the MB parliamentary bloc, stated  that the bill proved that there are common denominators that everyone should strive to bail out, stressing that the ruling Party’s  majority in the PA is prepared  to support  the  regime’s fraud. The NDP’s MPs continue to maintain the government’s policies which directly lead to disasters including the Al Salam Boccaccio 98 tragedy that claimed the lives of more than 1000 passengers

Dr. Hamdi Hassan, Assistant Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, ascertained that the active popular masses promote the enactment of this bill expressing the hope that the Government agrees to implement the law


“Egypt is undergoing a critical transitional phase  explaining that the Muslim Brotherhood will continue to  extend the honorable people of Egypt a helping hand seeking change and reform



Famous media man Hamdi Qandil called on the NDP leaders to submit their arguments and  party’s objection concerning the people’s right to vote using their national identity cards,  judicial supervision of elections, and expatriate Egyptians  right to vote. “The ruling NDP and government’s response asserts that the ruling regime is on opposite ends of the spectrum” he said, adding “It is a time for change by virtue of a popular uprising eager to change.  I appreciate the Brotherhood and movements who partake in these thoughtful and practical efforts and without doubt  if we fail in passing the law today, inevitably we will get it tomorrow,” Kandil paid  a special tribute  to the Muslim Brotherhood for their  disclosing of  the truth


He stressed that the National Assembly for Change  greatly appreciated  the Brotherhood’s gesture with their labors in establishing  a civil democratic state, explaining that all and sundry welcomed the unforgettable visit by a  Brotherhood’s delegation to leftist Tagammu’ Party. He called for further similar meetings,  even   if the  results are small they are however  positive. Kandil underlined the importance of unifying all national figures, movements and political powers, who agreed to promote the call for change


Ambassador Ibrahim Yousri praised the  political flexibility illustrated  by the Muslim Brotherhood in dealing with recent events, stressing that the constitutional amendment guarantees all the rights and conditions to be met to achieve freedom and democracy


The renowned  writer Sakina Fouad stressed that electoral  fraud is the ruling National Democratic Party’s outlet, emphasizing that if their  popularity is  as they claim there  would be  no need for rigging. She commended the MB leading role in reunification

Independent MP Gamal Zahran lashed out at the ruling regime saying that they are  taking  large strides toward the scenario of bequeathal  under an authoritarian regime  which runs the country with excessive selfishness


Dr. Samir Eleish, a founding member of “Egyptians to free and sound elections”, called on the masses of the Egyptian people to take to the streets and express their anger” asserting that “There  will be peaceful change thanks to the existing change in attitudes illustrated  between opposition factions