Parliamentary Committee Demands Removing Justice Minister form Electoral Commission

During its discussion of the National Report of Human Rights concerning the previous parliamentary polls, the Human Right Committee in the parliament opposed the interference of both Interior and Justice Ministers during elections. A number of the National Democratic Party’s MPs in the committee called for the full independency of the Higher Electoral Commission, charged to monitor the voting process.  The committee recommended the Justice Minister to be removed form the commission’s presidency. The commission should be entitled with the entire process of ballots, starting from filling candidacies till finial results come out. 
In addition, the MPs demanded the electoral registries to be cancelled. Instead, voters should use IDs of national code to vote in polling centers of their home towns. A list, given to presidents of polling stations, should contain names banned form vote.
The Human Rights Committee stressed the importance of conducting elections in four or five stages to give chance to all eligible voters to cast their ballots. Furthermore, the committee’s members accused the Interior Ministry of altering electoral registries via omission, repetition, including dead voters and incorrect names.

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