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  • July 9, 2009
  • 5 minutes read

Parliamentary uprising against killing of veiled victim in Germany

Parliamentary uprising against killing of veiled victim in Germany

The Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc members in the People”s Assembly along with a number of independent MPs lodged a strongly-worded statement.  The statement included a warning to the ruling National Democratic Party urging them to take serious measures in confronting  the rage and anger that immensely distressed  the Egyptians both at home and abroad following the criminal and terrorist attack that claimed the life of Dr. Marwa Elsherbini by a German fanatic merely because she was wearing the headscarf. 
Sabir Abu Fotouh, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc demanded in an urgently written parliamentary letter to Dr. Ahmed Nazif and Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit the need to convene an urgent meeting of the committees on Arab Affairs and External Relations to discuss this terrorist crime. They discussed ways to present adequate ideas for international action against racism and for preserving the rights of Egyptians abroad. 

The legislator questioned the Foreign Ministry’s role in regards to this crime in calming the Egyptians who felt anger, pain and anguish toward the government’s silence on  the ongoing attacks against Egyptian expatriates all over the world.
The Muslim Brotherhood MPs Mohsen Radi, Dr. Gamal Zahran, Saad Abboud and Mohamed Abdel-Alim probed the ruling National Democratic Party to address the violations that were committed against the Egyptians abroad asking the government to take action by declaring a state of anger and severing of diplomatic ties because of the death of a citizen. They also questioned the steps taken by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to preserve the rights of the Egyptians and raised questions about what was accomplished to condemn this terrorist crime committed against the Egyptian mother.
In the same context, The Muslim Brotherhood MPs Mahmoud Mujahid, Dr. Mohamed al-Beltagui Abd El-Wahab El-Deeb, Ibrahim Zakaria Younis, Mohamed Mustafa Codri and Mohamed Abdel Aziz Shaaban holds the government responsible for what happens to  Egyptians abroad whether in Europe or in the Arab Gulf States where numbers reach approximately five million. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry and its embassies abroad were not honest as they didn’t promote the improving of the conditions of the Egyptian communities in European countries in ensuring that they received their rights.

On another note, the members of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc Ali Laban, Dr. Hamdi Hassan, Hussein Ibrahim and Dr. Ahmed Diab submitted questions inquiring which Egyptians rights must be protected by the Egyptian embassies abroad? Is it the responsibility of the embassy and the officials who are to take blame for neglecting any incident which could pose threats for Egyptians abroad?
They also submitted questions about the role played by the embassies questioning the money spent on their staff which amounted to millions of pounds was, in fact,  paid from the pockets of the Egyptian people. What has been appropriated as an investment to the Foreign Ministry in the new budget is more than 67 million pounds to purchase equipment necessary to secure the communication and correspondence.  Computers should be utilized to take advantage of information technology by the ministry for the benefit of members of our expatriates abroad. It should be used to secure diplomatic and consular missions strengthening security measures by providing surveillance cameras, security equipment and training security personnel. 

They also affirmed that 429 million pounds have been allocated in the new budget to the Foreign Ministry to implement many projects, including the building of offices and houses for the diplomatic missions in twenty-four Arab and foreign countries. The Foreign Ministry purchased prefabricated buildings such as residences and offices in seven countries in addition to purchasing land for this purpose in Benghazi, Nairobi. This large amount of money is dedicated for a comprehensive reforming of the housing and offices of the diplomatic missions in fifteen countries. This is in addition to what is being spent on the embassies and consulates from the salaries and wages in holding concerts and other objects of expenditure.

The MPs stressed that the Foreign Ministry should be obligated to perform its national role towards the nation and the Egyptian people. The case will remain as it is now especially as the (MB MPs) and the Ministry know how many Egyptian citizens are imprisoned abroad both in jails of Arab or European countries. They suffer various kinds of torture for fabricated crimes.

Where is the Egyptians’ status in comparison to the citizens of the Philippines, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Tunisia, and other countries who receive all their rights in the countries where they are protected by their embassies.

They emphasized the need to convene an urgent meeting of the joint committees on Arab and Foreign Affairs. The Brotherhood’s lawyer Saber Abul Fotouh demanded the questioning of the Foreign Minister and requested him to take all legal proceedings against the German citizen who killed the innocent Egyptian mother.