Parl’t movement for retrieving the MB confiscated properties

 Mohsen Radi, the MB’s parliamentary bloc member has submitted a request to the Prime Minister and Interior Minister asking for retrieving MB’s properties, and reopening their headquarters in the middle of Cairo (al-Helmeia al-Jadida – al-Tawifiqiya – al-Ataba), in addition to the money seized during storming into their houses.
The member expressed his resentment concerning what happens during detention like usurping money and so on, considering it as a violation to the law and constitution and disgraceful misuse of power. Radi estimated the seized properties as one million pounds, it included:
General MB’s headquarters in al-Helmeia al-Jadida, which is used now as the police office of al-Jamaliya.
The Arab Ads Company Center in al-Ataba, which is used now as a center of al-Ameriya police printers.
Al–Da’wa magazine center in al-Tawfiqiya Market Street, which is sealed with wax since 1995 up to now.
The humanitarian assemblies, hospitals, schools and factories, which the group possessed until the government issued the false dissolution decision of the group in 1954.
Mohsen Radi stated to ikhwanweb that he prepared an inquiry in this regard, and will offer it in the next November with the start of the second session of the ninth legislative term. The member stressed that it is nonsense to say that MB is outlawed meanwhile it has 88 parliamentary members, whereas all the Egyptian opposition parties have 9 only, in addition to the slogans of the group are raised in Jordan, Algeria, Kuwait, and other countries.
Radi indicated that the law and constitution do not prevent establishing a political party on a religious basis, and who says that is trying to discriminate between people regarding the political practice on a religious basis, so people should take that into consideration.